Saturday, 10 April 2021

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Friday 23rd April 2021

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Sunday, 27 December 2020


Lanzarote is now on level 2 of restrictions until
 18th April 2021

Extraordinary General Meeting

Due to level 2 restrictions currently in place on the Island, it is not possible to hold the Society EGM as initially planned on Friday 22nd January. The EGM is postponed until further notice. The level 2 restrictions are in place until 18th April 2021.

Thursday, 16 January 2020

Local Rules

Dear Members

Clarification and harmonisation of local rules for holes number 13 and 18

Las Palmeras Golf Society follows the R&A and USGA rules of golf and the Costa Teguise Golf local rules. Following a meeting with Nicolas Garcia, the CTG pro, the Committee would like to remind everyone of the local rules currently in place at the Costa Teguise Golf Club:

Hole # 13.  If a golf ball lies inside the rope circling the tree in the fairway bunker on the left side of the fairway, it must be picked up and played as follow without a penalty:
·         Drop the ball within 2 club length of where the ball last crossed the rope, making   sure the ball is no closer to the hole
·         Drop behind the point where the ball crossed the rope going back as far as the   golfer wishes, so long as the point where the ball crossed into the hazard is kept   between the point of the drop and the hole.
If the ball lies just outside the rope, and the rope is interfering with your swing, it is tough luck! It must be played exactly the same as if you were very close to a tree trunk for example.

Hole # 18. If your golf ball is in the hazard on the left of the fairway after your tee shot, the next shot must be taken from the Drop Zone on the newly constructed ladies tee with one (1) stroke penalty.

Once again, LPGS is committed to follow all the local rules in place at the Costa Teguise Golf Club.

The committee would like to thank all the Members for their understanding and their usual good cooperation.

Best wishes
The Committee